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本文摘要:Nothing says the future like a disembodied head. As developers and designers begin churning out the next generation of games and entertainment, the pace of technology demos showing what types of computer-generated graphics will soon be pos


Nothing says the future like a disembodied head. As developers and designers begin churning out the next generation of games and entertainment, the pace of technology demos showing what types of computer-generated graphics will soon be possible has picked up. And that means one thing: more creepy-yet-astonishing 3D-generated heads.没什么比起一颗活生生的头部更加能代言“未来”。随着研发及设计人员争相著手研发下一代的游戏娱乐系统,这项伴随着近期计算机分解图像效果的技术早已获得了进展。


而这意味著一件事——我们将看见更加多令人毛骨悚然、却又可不赞叹的3D制备头像。Activision (ATVI) is showing off new technology at the annual Game Developers Conference, taking place in San Francisco this week. The rendering techniques and code that create life-like animation were unveiled by the gaming giants research and development division yesterday. The animated character shown here is being rendered in real-time on current video card hardware, suggesting innovations like these could be showing up in commercial products sooner rather than later.美国动视(Activision)在上周于旧金山举行的一年一度的游戏开发者大会(Game Developers Conference)上展出了他们的近期技术成果。这家游戏研发巨头的研发部门昨天公布了可以分解的图形技术及代码。此处右图的动态人物是在显示卡设备上动态图形而出的。

它意味著类似于的创意技术要不了多久就不会经常出现在各类商业性产品上。We will show how each detail is the secret for achieving reality, wrote researcher Jorge Jimenez on his blog, before the presentation. For us, the challenge goes beyond entertaining; its more about creating a medium for better expressing emotions and reaching the feelings of the players. We believe this technology will bring current generation characters, into next generation life.“我们将让大家看见,每一处细节才是展现出真实感的秘诀。”大会展示之前,研究人员乔治?吉梅内兹在自己的博客上写到:“对我们来说,这场挑战面向的某种程度是娱乐应用于,更好的是要打造出一种媒介,需要更佳地展现出情绪、引起玩家回响。我们坚信,这项技术需要为现世代的游戏角色流经次世代的生命。


”Activision isnt alone. Chipmaker NVIDIA (NVDA) recently touted real-time face-rendering at its GPU Technology Conference in California. The program, dubbed Face Works, employs face- and motion-capture technology developed at the University of Southern Californias Institute of Creative Technology. The centers Light Stage process records data to within a tenth of a millimeter using photography that captures the geometry of an actors face. Light transmission through skin -- the key to rendering subtle emotional cues like blushing -- and reflections can be recreated as well.抱着这种点子的开发商并非值得注意动视一家。芯片制造商英伟达(NVIDIA)最近在该公司于加利福尼亚开会的GPU技术大会(GPU Technology Conference)上大力提倡动态面部图形技术。这套取名为“面子工程”(Face Works)的程序使用了美国南加州大学(University of Southern California)创新技术研究所(Institute of Creative Technology)研发的面部及动作捕猎技术。它的核心系统“灯光舞台”(Light Stage)将处置通过摄影捕捉到的、准确到0.1毫米以内的演员面部参数。

它也可模拟出光线穿越皮肤展开传播以及光线的效果,图形脸红等各种细致的情绪展现出。At Sonys (SNE) Playstation 4 launch even earlier this year, actor Max von Sydow made a brief appearance on stage -- as an interactive 3D model. David Cage, founder of innovative studio Quantic Dream, demoed what kinds of graphics would be possible on the console makers next hardware release. (Why so many old men? Its not clear, but it may have something to do with the complexity of rendering wrinkles that move and bend.)索尼(Sony)出产的游戏机Playstation 4于今年更加早于时候公布时,马克斯?冯?西多曾上台丝了下脸——以互动式3D人物的形式。创新工作室Quantic Dream创始人大卫?凯奇展示了游戏机制造商发售下一部硬件设备时有可能呈现怎样的图像。

(为什么不会有这么多老年男性的面部图像?明确原因未知,但是也许跟图形各类延伸交错的皱纹可玩性很高有关。)All of this is likely to kickstart another round of debate about the so-called uncanny valley. That concept suggests that when human replicas -- either robots or in computer renderings -- begin to look realistically but not perfectly human it can make real-life observers feel queasy or revolted. (The valley in questions is the dip in a graph of the comfort level of humans presented with a rendered human likeness.) As of yet, that hasnt stopped engineers from pushing the boundaries of whats technology possible -- perhaps in hopes of leapfrogging over the problem entirely.所有这一切或许未来将会引发一轮关于所谓的“可怕谷”(uncanny valley)的争辩。这项理论指出,人类复制品——机器人或是计算机图形出有的角色——在视觉上开始显得更加表现手法却又不是胜于的人类,这不会让现实的人类看见他们时深感反胃或憎恨。




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